“Wedding Planner Reveals 1,014 Ways to Plan an Exquisite Wedding on a Tight Budget – While Carefully Avoiding the 7 Most Common Wedding Disasters!”

"I learned some extremely valuable lessons while helping brides plan their weddings that…......I'm willing to share with you so that your wedding DOESN'T turn into some of the spectacular disasters that I have seen!  If you're planning a wedding and you're wondering where you should start, you've come to the right place. I have some things I'd like you to know..."

Kari White - Author of "Unique Theme Weddings"

Dear Bride,

My name is Kari White. 

One of the biggest problem that any bride faces when she first starts thinking about planning her wedding is "Where do I start?" There are literally thousands of different magazines, books, web sites, TV shows, and so on that claim to be able to help you plan "the perfect wedding."

Of course, if you've already decided on a theme wedding, then 90% of those wedding books, magazines, etc. are going to be useless to you. (They mostly focus on how to plan a traditional wedding -- and they all seem to cater to women with about $50,000+ to spend on their weddings!)

Theme weddings are a lot more difficult to research because a lot fewer people know what they are talking about when it comes to planning one.

Your Unique Theme Wedding Planner - Kari White

The fact is that there are a TON of experts on "traditional" weddings, but only a small handful who are qualified to talk about planning a great theme wedding.

Another HUGE problem that many brides-to-be encounter when they are planning a theme wedding is that there is a heck of a lot more to research than just flowers and place settings.

For example, suppose you and your fiancé both have some Irish ancestry and have decided that you want to have an Irish-themed wedding. How would you know that:

  • The traditional color for an Irish bride is NOT green...
  • In Ireland, it is good luck for someone to throw an old shoe over the bride's head as she leaves the church...
  • There is a right kind and a wrong kind of bagpiper to have play at an Irish wedding...

... and the list goes on!

What you really need is a resource that will tell you all the answers you need to know to these kinds of questions, plus important things like:

  • Where the ideal location would be to hold your theme wedding.
  • Detailed instructions for how to make your own stunning invitations.
  • Ideas for creating perfect centerpieces.
  • Choosing just the right colors for your themed wedding.
  • Innovative decorating ideas that will leave your guests speechless!
  • Perfect gifts for your guests.
  • Music and entertainment ideas

I've Filled Over 190 Pages With The
Exact Information You Need!

Even if a theme wedding isn't something your looking for - this book is packed with valuable wedding information that you can apply to even a traditional wedding!

She captured the East Coast feel she was dreaming of...

"I had the most magical wedding. Having grown up on the east coast, I wanted something that reminded me of home. But since I was now living near the mountains, it was difficult to find water, beaches etc. But, after talking with Kari, I soon realized how I could design the east coast ambience I wanted. My guests raved about the wedding for weeks! I couldn't have done it without your help Kari."

- Cindy Hunter - Montana

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The Information In This Report Will
Let You Start Planning Today...

While researching my book, "Unique Theme Weddings The Simple Way," I discovered over a thousand different tips that I SHOULD have used when I was planning my own wedding and others.

My book reveals the exact steps you need to take to achieve the theme wedding of your dreams. Over 1,021 ideas await you, including:

  • 190 pages of Top Quality Theme Information and Tips - consisting of complete plans for 19 unique theme weddings that will save you literally hundreds of hours of fruitless searching!
  • Over 181 Original Decorating Suggestions - ideas that are practical, cost-effective, and easy to do!
  • Over 110 Pictures - ideas to help inspire your thoughts!
  • More than 154 Tips and Traditions giving you unique, bold and traditional ideas to spice up your wedding -- and saving you the embarrassing mistakes that too many brides usually make!
  • Invitation Designs and Photographs - Step-by-step instructions for designing invitations that your guests won't be able to refuse! You’ll be walked through exactly what you need to do to design your own invitations from your home that have all the elegance at half the price!
  • Cost Cutting Tips for all aspects of your wedding - use the money you'll save on your honeymoon or to put towards a new home! (There is a TON of wasted money in weddings... I tell you exactly how to avoid the biggest scams and pitfalls!)

This book will take you by the hand and lead you easily through the maze of how to get your wedding just right for your own special fantasy, and blow the minds of your guests too.

Most Creative Executions of Theme Concepts....

"I am an event producer in Southern California. I am putting together a bridal event...In my research I ran across your book and found it to be one of the most creative executions of the theme concept I have found thus far."

- Regina Franklin - Arbee Productions


You’ll find out how to co-ordinate everything down to the tiniest detail and then add the incredible touches that make a wedding truly unforgettable.

I don't want you to miss out on this priceless information, so I’ve kept the cost very affordable. In fact the price tag is absolutely measly compared to the golden nuggets of information you‘ll find buried within. 

If you were to go out and buy two or three wedding magazines you’d pay the same amount of money and receive a microscopic fraction of the information you'll get in this one, comprehensive volume.

Of course if you buy magazine after magazine you’ll have some lovely pictures to look at, but at some point you‘re going to need something more than pretty photos to achieve what you‘re longing and hoping for. 

You need 100% real, little known, money saving, inspirational ideas that will thrill and mesmerise if you‘re going to pull off the wedding you know you REALLY want…..

A wedding that will rise head and shoulders above other ‘normal’ weddings.

A wedding so unique it will have tongues wagging the minute your guests begin to arrive.

A wedding that shines and remains cherished forever.


We have just included our

Gorgeous Green Theme Wedding

One of this years biggest wedding trends is to make ethical informed decisions while planning your wedding.

Although it is categorized as a theme - adding eco-friendly wedding solutions should be incorporated into any type of wedding. 

Please make sure to check out this new section!

Plus - we are happy to announce our:


We tackled this wedding theme as it is in the pursuit of triumphs and personal bests. 

To qualify for the Something Sporty Wedding, you need to have the determination to give your guests a championship performance. It is for those who love the game (any game) - whether that be Football, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, NASCAR,  Horse Racing etc....

If you or your fiancé are a player or a fan of sporting events - this is the wedding for you. Even if you are not all about sports - you will find some great ideas to incorporate some sporting themes into your wedding with the Something Sporty Wedding. It’s a win-win wedding!


Listed below are the current themes in the book.  Remember though that themes can be combined, mixed and matched!  Even if your theme isn't listed below - you can take the concept of one and use your idea.  For example, if you wanted to use a Bird Theme just take the Butterfly Theme and change it to birds etc...

1920's Theme Wedding   Green (Eco-Friendly) Theme Wedding
African Inspired Wedding   Indian Inspired Theme Wedding
Christmas Theme Wedding   Irish Theme Wedding
Cocktail Inspired Theme Wedding   July 4th Theme Wedding
Costal Inspired Wedding   Mexican Inspired Theme Wedding
Cowboy/Western Wedding   Movie Premiere Theme Wedding
Beach/Island Wedding   Something Sporty Wedding
Butterfly Theme Wedding   Storybook Fantasy Wedding
Brunch Theme Wedding   Wilderness/Camping Theme Wedding
Garden Theme Wedding    

She enjoyed a stress-free wedding...

"It was the answer to my prayers. I couldn't believe it. Everything...my invitations, place cards, the setup of my tables, decorations, and more. This is truly exciting and actually fun to create my butterfly theme... Unique Theme Weddings has taken the stress out of planning. It was all done for me. Thank you Kari, for making it happen for me..."

-- Arlene M. Carella - New York City

When You Purchase ‘Unique Theme Weddings - A Complete Guide To Creating Your Own Magical Wedding Day’ You’ll Uncover (among 1000’s of others):

SECRET TRICK 1: (page 6) Amazingly simple tricks that any bride can use for her wedding that will cost her next to nothing! These tricks alone has saved brides more than $1,450 for their wedding!

SECRET TRICK 2: (page 23) How to keep alcohol costs down. This can be one of the biggest costs of your reception…. but there are ways to keep the alcohol flowing without endless money running through your fingers!

SECRET TRICK 3: (page 10) One way to dramatically slash the price of your bridesmaids dresses. So easy you'll kick yourself if you don't learn it!

SECRET TRICK 4: (page 17) The no fail way to get your flower girl or page boy to stand still where they should, when they should, for as long as you want. No more stressing about what on earth the children may do while you’re at the altar saying your vows.

SECRET TRICK 5: (page 111) One unforgettable way to consume pink champagne your guests will be talking about for weeks. They'll want to use this delightful idea at their own celebrations whenever they can.

SECRET TRICK 6: (page 123) One simple thing you can rent that will give your guests an absolute blast and leave them with something they can take home and look at again and again with a huge grin on their face.

SECRET TRICK 7: (page 148) A surefire way to get your man in the mood to say "yes" to anything you want.  He won't forget this pre-wedding surprise!

And many, many more!

I had no idea what type of wedding I wanted....

"Not knowing what I wanted to do for my wedding, I bought the book.  Unique Theme Weddings gave me the idea - my fiancé and I met at the zoo and as soon as I started reading the Urban Safari wedding - I knew this was it!

I followed the theme to a tee - it was fantastic. Thanks for all the help!"

-- Sherry McLaughlin - Calgary

Planning The Perfect Wedding For You Can Be As Financially Draining As Hiring A Professional Wedding Planner For Big $$$$$$$$

 Or As Easy And Affordable As Buying This Book!

The best part of using this book is the overwhelming yet astoundingly easy to follow amount of information you get.

Including (just a small sample):

  • The ’What Style Of Wedding Is Right For Me?’ quiz - great fun and very insightful
  • How to source and secure the ideal location or venue to hold your theme wedding
  • How to make your own stunning invitations with ease
  • Wording examples for every variation an invitation might require
  • Ideas for creating incredible centerpieces
  • Choosing the perfect colors for your themed wedding
  • Innovative decorating touches that will leave your guests speechless!
  • Examples of striking and memorable gifts your guests will cherish
  • Music and entertainment ideas to guarantee your guests have a blast
  • Ways to get the groom on your wavelength and happily participating in planning (yes, it can be done!)
  • Stress busting ways to look after yourself and deal with the in-laws in one fell swoop
  • Photography and video tips to guarantee every breathless moment is captured with precision and perfection
  • More than 19 entire mouth watering menus

I wanted something more for my weddings...

"I wanted something classic, I guess traditional in ways, but different.  More than just a simple wedding cocktail party! 

The book gave me some great NEW ideas to add.  So great, that many of my friends copied the ideas for their weddings!

- Daniel Robben, Phoenix

Wouldn't you agree that it makes a lot more sense to tap into my personal wealth of information than it does to spend weeks or months of your own valuable time trying to research all these unique wedding themes yourself?

I like to think that in the end this won’t cost you any money at all, it will save you money, mountains of it.

This book is jam-packed with cost-cutting tips that will let you keep thousands of dollars in your pocket -- instead of giving it away to planners, caterers, designers, etc.

Ask yourself…

“ Is an amazing day that will remain a priceless and cherished memory for all those who attend worth a small investment of $29.95?”

“Is the most romantic day of my entire life worth the cost of a cup of coffee and a lunch?”

If you decide to go it alone and try to achieve the same results, you’re looking at months upon months of hard core research day in and day out to find the best deals, the best ideas and the best ways of manipulating the wedding industry ‘game players’.

Click here to order Unique Theme Weddings Now...

Your small but wise investment will pay for itself over and over….

  • every time you look at the photos capturing the most beautiful and unique day of your life
  • every time someone remarks on how much they enjoyed their day with you
  • every time you recall the look of amazement on the faces of your guests as they marveled at your ideas and style
  • every time you watch your special day immortalised forever on DVD or video
  • every time you have a quiet moment and find yourself daydreaming and reminiscing about the most intensely romantic day of your life
  • every time you pinch yourself because it seems ‘to good to be true’ that your wedding ran so smoothly.

Plus - you can keep on using the book even after your wedding! 

Use the themes to create spectacular parties for your friends & family.  Throw a July 4th Party like no one else, wow your in-laws with a Christmas dinner they will never forget!  The book contains tons of inspiring ideas for your future entertaining!

‘Unique Theme Weddings - A Complete Guide To Creating Your Own Magical Wedding Day’  is your best bet for obtaining the results you want, at a price you’ve dreamed about, with all the hard ‘in the trenches’ work done for you.

Your day will go down in history as one of the most enjoyable and personalised weddings ever.

But Wait, I’m Going Out Of My Way To Add Even More Unbelievable Value To Make 100% Certain Your Own Unique Dream Wedding Happens

Check out what you get when you purchase ‘Unique Themed Weddings - A Complete Guide To Creating Your Own Magical Wedding Day’

Free Bonus #1: ($400 value) COMPLIMENTARY 3 DAY, 2 NIGHT VACATION CERTIFICATE (26 Destinations) Yes it’s true - with this book we’re giving away FREE hotel certificates. You get to select from over 25 different locations. Perfect for your honeymoon.

Free Bonus #2: (priceless) Ask The Expert -- LIVE! Every bride who claims their copy of ‘Unique Theme Weddings - A Complete Guide To Creating Your Own Magical Wedding Day’ is entitled to unlimited e-mail support from me. You'll receive a special "direct access" e-mail address so you can send your most pressing wedding planning questions and have them promptly answered by an expert wedding planner - one who's pulled off hundreds of magical weddings over the last 5 years.

Free Bonus #3: ($22 value) Special Publication: 'The 45 Proven Secrets For A Honeymoon To Remember.' A complete step-by-step checklist for you to go through before you leave on your honeymoon to ensure your special vacation is wildly romantic, relaxing, and completely hassle-free!

That’s More Than $422 Of Insider Advice & Professional Planning Tips, You Get Right Now For Only $29.95!

PLUS RECEIVE My No-Risk, "You-Must-Be-Ecstatic" Guarantee!

As I've said throughout this letter, my goal in writing this book is to help as many brides as possible realize their dreams of a unique and memorable theme wedding. Because I spent months interviewing hundreds of brides, and because I've planned so many theme weddings myself, I am 100% confident that you will be ecstatic with your purchase.

That's why I'm willing to take all the risk. When you order "Unique Theme Weddings The Simple Way," you are protected by my "No Questions Asked" Guarantee. If, for any reason at all, you EVER decide that you aren't completely thrilled with the information I've given you, simple return the book to me for a no-questions-asked refund of your complete purchase price.

Pretty simple, right? If you don't like the book, you don't pay! No questions asked, and no hassles.

YES! I definitely want my copy of ‘Unique Themed Weddings - A Complete Guide To Creating Your Own Magical Wedding Day’  PLUS my 3 extra bonuses worth $522 for $29.95 NOW so I can learn how to easily and affordably create the wedding I’ve always imagined in my wildest dreams. All I need to do is simply click here to order via Secure Server...

Start Planning Your Own Unique Theme
Wedding 5 Minutes From Right Now!

Wouldn't you agree that it makes a lot more sense to tap into my personal wealth of information than it does to spend weeks or months of your own valuable time trying to research all these unique wedding themes yourself?

If you've decided that months of your time is worth more to you than $29.95, AND you are ready to start reading about how to plan your own unique theme wedding in the next five minutes AND you're excited about the 3 Bonuses (worth $422) and you're willing to get it all with absolutely no risk to you, then simply click here.

With best wishes for the most romantic day of your life,

PS: Remember, not only is this book perfect for weddings designed around a complete theme, it has 1000’s of ideas you can use no matter what type of wedding you want. Just mix and match to achieve jaw dropping results, or use the general reference pages to solve all your problems.

Plus Remember- you can keep on using the book even after your wedding!  Use the themes to create spectacular parties for your friends & family.  Throw a July 4th Party like no one else, wow your in-laws with a Christmas dinner they will never forget!  The book contains tons of inspiring ideas for your future entertaining!

***Your book will be emailed to you within minutes of placing your order...


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